runner standing on third base hoping to score
League Contacts
Primary Contact Rocky Gualtieri 905-439-0485 rgualtieri13@gmail.com
Alternate Contact Keith Cherrier 905-668-4110 pleasecallme@sympatico.ca
Alternate Contact Mike Gualtieri 905-243-4039 gularti@gmail.com
Equipment Contact Mike Soulliere 905-666-4541 souillieres@gmail.com
Team Captains
Brock St. Brewery Rob Patterson 905-622-6980 pattersonrob28@gmail.com
Can of Corn Rocky Gualtieri 905-439-0485 rgualtieri13@gmail.com
Zingers Sean Creighton 905-240-2598 screighton@live.ca
Batmen Andrew Hickey 416-554-6989 andrewhickey@scotiabank.com
I'd Hit That Robin Harrison 289-200-6540 nibornosirrah@yahoo.com
  Ted Simmons 647-231-7565 robert_simmons@otpp.com
Porkfat Rules Mark Price 905-261-4133 mprice@drps.ca
Sluggers/Chuggers Greg Thompson 905-995-1722 bean_baron@hotmail.com
Balls Deep John Searle 905-999-3589 jsearle77@hotmail.com
  Mike Soulliere 905-666-4541 souillieres@gmail.com
Brock St. Brewery 8  
Slugg/Chugg 12 F
Porkfat 13  
Balls Deep 15 F
Can of Corn 31 F
I'd Hit That 5  
Batmen 17  
Zingers 24 F